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Sep 05 2014

Uluru in Australia is Sacred


I didn’t know what to expect when I found myself on a small plane to Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock) with my client. It was a sudden decision to go, and only a few of us were invited. Forget that I always had a fear of small planes, and the ride to the middle of Australia was especially bumpy; I wanted to please my client and I shared her sense of adventure.

There are many things to know about this part of the world; most important is that it is considered sacred by the Aboriginies. In fact, much of it is off-limits. There are a few areas around the base that even discourage photography, which is hard to observe because the very site of this massive rock formation is heart-stopping beautiful. And I must say that if you touch the rock, it really does seem to possess an unusual energy.

But, take care not to remove anything from the site. I warned my client to observe this rule and she laughed it off and put some of the red earth into a jar to take home.

It may have been an amazing coincidence, but from the moment our plane touched ground in San Francisco, she encountered bad luck for the next few months—until I advised her to send the dirt back to the rock. Then everything was fine again. We remain friends to this day.

It was a reminder to me that customs in other countries, no matter how bizarre, should be observed and respected.

Safe Travels,


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Aug 05 2014

Tip the Usher in Paris

Tip The Usher in Paris

Tip The Usher in Paris
No matter the season, we long for vacation time and visiting with friends and family. You may already have hotel rooms booked, plane tickets sitting on the counter, and now you’re counting the days until you can jet away.

I once heard that during the summer months in France, there are actually more visitors than people who live there.

I have had the good fortune to have traveled extensively over the years. Even though we live in a global economy, things are usually different in other cultures—that’s often why we go in the first place—and it’s imperative that we take our good travel manners with us. It will make a difference in the experience you have while on the road.

Here’s an interesting thing to know while traveling in Paris. If you’re able to get tickets to a performance at the Opéra National de Paris, then it’s customary to tip the usher who shows you to your seat. Plan on at least one euro per person; you will be pleased at the results—and happy you knew this custom.



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