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About Christine

As an inspiring speaker and trainer, Christine founded Curavo Etiquette to help her clients re-frame their thinking – and their manners – for a more positive approach to life and career.

While working as a production manager for events at Apple, surrounded by extraordinary people every day, Christine learned the importance of always being the best.  She went on to create two international event companies and grew them into multi-million dollar enterprises, working with such Fortune 100 companies as Apple, BMW, Charles Schwab, and the SF 49ers.

Christine is known for her business acumen, creativity, sense of humor…and kindness.  She learned these skills early, from her grandmother, an immigrant from the Czech Republic who was adept at making others feel good.  Working in the fashion industry all her life, Christine’s Grandma opened her own shop at the age of 65.  It was an instant success. She came from poverty and taught herself fashion, good manners, and relationship skills – the epitome of etiquette.

Christine has carried these traits throughout her life; making others feel comfortable while making magic happen. She is known to open doors and negotiate special allowances in foreign countries that are normally closed to outsiders.  This comes through managing relationships and good manners – etiquette in its highest form.

Christine has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia and has a particular love for France.  She is an avid patron of the arts (theater, ballet, opera, art collecting), lover of sports, and has a knack for baking pastries.

Admittedly, the more the world changes, the more it stays the same.  Similar rules apply today as they did 1,000 years ago when it comes to clothing, manners, and etiquette in every station of life.  Christine is masterful at helping others navigate through the world in a way in which they can achieve whatever success they desire.

Christine earned her certification as a Business Etiquette and International Protocol consultant from The Protocol School of Washington – the only accredited school of its kind in the nation.  Christine also founded CAREBOX, an online gift company that promotes wellness and appreciation for both corporate and individual clients.

The Protocol School of Washington® is now the first
and only nationally accredited business etiquette and international protocol school!