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Too many professionals believe that if they pay more money they can get whatever it is they want.  Cash incentives, bonuses, perks…these may help in the short term but they do not breed loyalty and they will not open doors in other cultures.

The true path to greater success is by cultivating respectful relationships – relationships built on good manners and etiquette.

Often referred to as “soft skills,” manners and etiquette are the intelligence strengths that set you apart, helping you to earn recognition, promotions, and valuable connections.

The world is growing smaller with each new technological innovation.  It’s easy to connect with others on different continents of different cultures with different beliefs. But how you connect is what sets you apart.

The strength of building relationships is a global phenomenon.  Whether working with clients one-on-one or creating international events for thousands, cultural intelligence is imperative if you want to earn respect and foster strong relationships in a competitive landscape.

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When Cultures Clash…

Americans typically have a “pay and go” attitude. The French are all about relationships and are greatly offended when people throw money at them…especially when national monuments are being bought.

In preparation for a masquerade ball for 8,000 people, Christine worked with a representative from Versailles who had worked there for 50 years. No matter how much her client was willing to pay, Versailles said no.

When Versailles decided the American client could no longer use a part of the castle they had been previously promised, the company came to Christine’s team and asked for help. Because Christine had gone to extreme lengths to develop strong relationships, she was able to convince the proprietor to have a change of heart.

All it cost Christine was lunch, wine, and a long conversation. Simple as that.